Teslin Pairs - Item: M001S2 or G001S2

Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc.

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Laminated Teslin bar code labels are our premium library label and our most popular seller.  Using Teslin as a mid-ply creates a virtually indestructible label.  Pair that with an aggressive, acid-free permanent adhesive, and you have a label that will last longer than the item itself.

  • Available in Singles, Pairs, 2-part and Smart
  • Digitally processed
  • Synthetic Teslin mid-ply
  • Matte or gloss overlaminate for extra protection
  • All symbologies supported, including Codabar, Code 3 of 9 and Follett
  • Standard check digits available at no extra cost
  • 100% guaranteed to work with your system
  • Price is per 1000 Pairs
  • If you are unsure of what information to fill in, please email or fax a sample of the labels you are using.