Policies and Procedures

Shipping Policy

All orders are F.O.B. Mississauga Ontario unless otherwise noted in a formal quotation.  Our preferred carrier is UPS and we we ship UPS standard ground service unless another carrier or service level is specifically requested.

Standard shipping rates apply:

1-5lbs - $20.00, 6-20lbs - $25.00, 21-40lbs - $30.00, 41-60lbs - $40.00, 61lbs+ - $60.00

We will ship on any customer's account and carrier at their request.

Please email shipping@dynamicimagingsolutions.com with any shipping or customs related questions OR call our shipping department directly at 1 800-268-6563 ext. 113

Return Policy

Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. strives to produce quality products each and every time.  However, we also understand that mistakes happen and we never want an unsatisfied customer.  Therefore, for any pre-printed label or product we will accept returns and rerun any order that is deemed to be the fault of Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc.

If you have purchased any hardware such as a bar code scanner or printer, you may return it in its original packaging within 30 days but a 15% restocking fee will apply.  If you are returning hardware due to problems within the specified warranty period, you may either coordinate this through us or through the hardware manufacturer directly.  If we are coordinating the repair/replacement of a warrantied hardware item, the instructions below must be followed:

  • A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and form must be requested by calling us at 1 877.716.4347 or emailing us at customerservice@dynamicimagingsolutions.com
  • Products for repair or replacement must be sent freight PREPAID and insured.
  • Collect shipment will not be accepted and returned to sender.
  • RMAs are valid for 15 days.
  • The RMA number must be clearly displayed on all shipping documents and packages.
  • Please use the original product boxes when possible, to avoid any damage that may be caused in shipping.

Data & Privacy Policy

We value and respect our customer's information.  Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. will never sell your information to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Dynamic Imaging Solutions may require or ask our customers to supply personal or confidential data when placing an order or producing a job. It is our policy to treat customer information and data as private and confidential, and we will not disclose this information, to other individuals or organizations outside the provisions of the data privacy policy outlined below unless required to do so by law. Dynamic Imaging Solutions is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers' personal information and data and this commitment is summarized as follows:

  • We will not distribute customer information to be used in mailing lists, surveys, or any other purpose beyond that for which it was made available.
  • Data will ONLY be used, accessed, managed, transferred, disclosed or processed to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was made available.
  • Dynamic Imaging Solutions will not request any data beyond what is necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which our client requests it to be utilized.
  • It is the responsibility of our customer to determine and communicate to Dynamic Imaging Solutions any specific technological, physical and organizational security measures required to protect data that is not outlined in this data policy.
  • Dynamic Imaging Solutions will ensure that any data is protected in accordance with the security measures communicated to us by our client
  • Dynamic Imaging Solutions will ensure that any third party to whom data is transferred is bound by the applicable terms of this data policy
  • Dynamic Imaging Solutions agrees to reasonably cooperate with requests regarding our clients' data and to amend, destroy, or return the data upon receiving written instructions to do so from an authorized customer contact.
  • Dynamic Imaging Solutions agrees to destroy, or return all data which is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was made available unless otherwise instructed.

Artwork Requirements


Dynamic Imaging Solutions strives to provide a seamless design and proofing process for all our jobs. As such, we provide basic design setup and unlimited proofing at no cost to the customer.  By following the guidelines below whenever possible, our customers can help facilitate this and ensure:

  • A quick and accurate design setup
  • The best quality final production product
  • Avoid any design surcharges
  • Correct bar code compatibility with the customer’s automation system
  • PC files are our preferred format but MAC files may also be acceptable
  • Our preferred file format for design files is Adobe Illustrator .AI files but other formats are also acceptable - .EPS, .PDF, .PSD (Photoshop), CorelDraw
  • Artwork created with vector outlines are preferred and will provide the best final product
  • All fonts should be outlined or converted to curves.  The customer may also provide the true type font file if they believe text editing may be necessary.
  • Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files are not acceptable as design files except to show basic layout structure
  • For bitmap files, including jpg, tiff, bmp, pcx, please ensure the highest quality resolution possible.  For production purposes, these files should be at least 300 dpi to ensure an acceptable print quality.
  • We accept ZIP & Stuffit compression formats for any large file(s)
  • Files created using RGB values will be converted to CYMK for printing
  • PMS / Pantone color codes should be provided whenever possible.  When printing digitally, we attempt to match any PMS colors as closely as possible but certain colors are impossible to match digitally and are simply the closest digital representation of that color.
  • For artwork with colors that bleed off the edge of the final product, we require a 1/8” extra bleed image for die-cutting purposes.  For example, for a standard CR80 finished card size of 3.375” x 2.125”, we require a bleed image size of 3.625” x 2.375” (see image below).  If the files do not contain sufficient bleed and air-brushing or additional design work is required to make them acceptable for production then a design surcharge will be applied.
  • Due to slight die-cutting registration movement, we suggest that text printed on card products should maintain a 1/8” distance from the edge of the product and should be absolutely no closer than a 1/16” distance from the edge. ” (see image below)
  • If the design includes a requirement for a bar code then our proof will include a scanable version of the final production bar code.  In order to ensure compatibility with the customer’s automation software, it is important that the following information is provided with the order:
    1. Bar code type or symbology
    2. Bar code check digit type (if applicable)
    3. Correct start number
    4. Total number of digits or characters in the bar code
    5. Format of the eye-readable or man read number including the position of any required spaces.
    6. Any specific start & stop character requirements (Codabar only)
  • If the customer is unsure about any of the above, a scan or clear fax of at least 3 of the customer’s current bar codes is usually sufficient for our bar code experts to determine the correct bar code requirements.
  • To test the bar code compatibility, the customer should print the PDF proof that is provided on a decent quality laser printer and then scan the bar code with their automation software.  The customer should check to see if the scanned bar code produces the expected results in their software, is in the correct format and is not a duplicate number within their system.

Quality Policy

Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. recognizes that the quality of the service and products that we provide our customers is inextricably linked to our ongoing and future business success.  As such, our goal will always be to meet or exceed our customer's expectations in regard to the products, service and information that we provide them.  Our customer's satisfaction will always be the channel by which we measure ourselves and it is the basic building block of our quality and corporate philosophy.


In accordance with our quality philosophy, in the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with anything, we urge you to let us know.  We will do whatever it takes to resolve the situation to your satisfaction, put in place the measures to ensure the problem will not re-occur and keep our customer satisfaction rate at 100%.


Our standard quality and processes are outlined below.  Many of these steps require coordination and collaboration with our customers to produce the desired outcome and ensure the products meet our client's expectation and satisfaction. We understand that some of the information and requirements that we request from our customers maybe unfamiliar or seem complicated.  We will work with clients to help them understand these requirements and their necessity and only ask that you are patient with us during this process to ensure that you help us, help you.

  • We require all order requests in writing, either via email, fax or hardcopy
  • All quote requests will be responded to within 1 business day.
  • All orders will receive an email order confirmation within 48 hours of receipt.  If you do not receive confirmation of you order within this time frame, please call us to follow up.
  • When possible, the client should provide a hard copy sample, or a clear scan or fax of the bar code and/or artwork when entering the order.
  • To aid in colour-matching, a hard copy sample OR pantone, CYMK or RGB colour code is requested.
  • All card products, unless otherwise indicated, are printed digitally.  Any specific pantone colour requests will be digital representations of the press printed colour and as a result, an exact colour match can not be ensured.  
  • A PDF or physical proof will be generated for all card products orders.  A PDF can also be requested for any other order upon customer request or at our discretion. If a proof is required or requested, it will be sent within 48 hours of the customer receiving the email order confirmation.
  • The customer should review all proofs for the accuracy of the design layout, fonts, spelling, numbering, & bar coding.
  • A customer receiving a PDF proof that includes a bar code should print the proof on a decent laser printer and then scan and test the bar codes with their automation software and hardware in order to ensure compatibility.
  • Production for any order requiring a PDF or physical proof can not proceed until written approval from the customer has been received by via fax or email.
  • Shipping turnaround for standard label products is 5-7 business days.
  • Shipping turnaround for standard card products is 10-12 business days.

Dynamic Imaging Solutions follows strict quality bar code testing and verification procedures using our in-house bar code verification equipment. All orders produced that include bar codes are subjected to verification procedures at the start and the end of the production run and at regular production intervals.  Bar code quality verification reports can be made available to the client upon request. Dynamic imaging Solutions Inc will attempt to ensure that a minimum of bar code ANSI grade “B” will be maintained during the entire production run.

Reseller Information

Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc. deals with many resellers throughout North America.  From library software companies and catalogues to large document managment companies and small print brokers, it is these relationships that helped build our company to where it is today and we value these relationships greatly.  If you would like to become a reseller for a particular product, market or an array of products, or would like samples and pricing please email customerservice@dynamicimagingsolutions.com or call 905-362-2000.