StingRay Full Disk Overlay -  Item: RRF-000006

StingRay Full Disk Overlay - Item: RRF-000006

LibraryPrint by Dynamic Imaging Solutions Inc.

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HF StingRay round wet inlay, size 108mm in diameter, consists of 13.56 MHz high frequency (HF) transponders that are compliant with ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3A global open standards. Best performing inlay for all disc types: CD, DVD and Blu-ray. The StingRay provides the maximum performance and robust readability for libraries and rental applications.

The StingRay Wet inlay specifications:

  • Frequency: 13.56MHz
  • Standards: ISO 15693, 18000-3 Mode 1
  • Memory: 1k bits
  • Antenna Size: ø105mm
  • Die Cut Size: ø108mm
  • IC: NXP ICode SLIX

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