Honeywell MK7120

Honeywell MK7120


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The Honeywell MS7120 Orbit — the all-time, best-selling hands-free omnidirectional laser scanner—presents an innovative, elegant and affordable solution for convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium. Recipient of multiple design honors, the 7120 has an award-winning shape that enables hand-held scanning of large, bulky items.

The Honeywell Metrologic MS7120 Orbit Scanner is an aggressive,omnidirectional presentation laser bar code scanner. Designed for applications where counter space is at a premium, Orbit is the ideal presentation scanner for retail, convenience, liquor and specialty stores. In addition, Orbit’s unique, contoured shape allows it to be picked up and used as a hand-held when scanning large or bulky items. Lightweight and rugged, Orbit is small in size but BIG in performance.

Engineered with a large, easy-to-find sweet spot, Orbit increases first pass read rate for maximum productivity. The scanning head can be tilted vertically a full 30° for added flexibility when scanning various sized objects. Orbit has a patented 20-line omnidirectional scan pattern that produces 1,200 scan lines per second. These features increase the scanning throughput, without increasing Orbit’s size.

Orbit is engineered for easy configuration and utilizes user-replaceable cables, in order to meet the multiple application needs across the many markets it serves . Data editing or “parsing” is also a standard feature. Parsing enables the encoded information to be manipulated to meet the host system’s requirements.

Honeywell Metrologic MS7120 Orbit Features & Benefits

  • Fully automatic scan operation
  • PowerLink, user-replaceable cables and MetroSet® and MetroSelect® configuration
  • 20 scan line omnidirectional pattern: Provides aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand presentation applications
  • Single Line Option: With the push of a button, switch to a targeted scan ideal for menu scanning
  • Adjustable scan head: Ability to tilt scanner 30º for targeted scanning or larger products
  • EAS: Deactivate an EAS tag and decode a bar code in a single scan
  • 7 beeper tones
  • Bits 'n' Pieces® data editing
  • Decodes RSS-14, RSS Limited and RSS Expanded bar codes
  • Mountable to a wall or under checkwriting stands
  • Customize the depth-of-field for tight scanning environments
  • Custom edit the bar code data to meet the requirements of the application
  • OPOS and JPOS system compatible
  • Warranty: 3 Year Factory Warranty
  • RoHS Compliant